Life as a critical care nurse in the age of COVID-19

We’re doing everything we can. But if we can’t flatten this curve, our entire system will be overwhelmed. And if we can’t get proper PPE to the frontline workers—not just nurses, but everyone from doctors to janitorial staff—who keeps our hospitals running, caregivers will start getting sick and then we’re in real trouble.

Now is the time to speak up, because #SilenceKills

"As nurses and health care providers, we should not be expected to face this pandemic without PPE," says Adam Halvorsen, a registered nurse in Washington state and WSNA board member. "Now is the time to speak up, because #SilenceKills."

WSNA demands transparency in COVID-19 response

Nurses, health care workers, and first responders need the right tools to defeat this pandemic—including accurate, transparent information about PPE and testing as well as clear direction on appropriate leave when sick and accommodation for vulnerable workers.

COVID-19 Healthy Workplace Survey

WSNA needs more detail about what registered nurses are facing daily on their units and in their facility during this COVID-19 crisis.

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