Strategic priorities

WSNA’s strategic prior­i­ties and objec­tives focus the association’s resources on priority goals that advance our mission of providing leader­ship for the nursing profes­sion and promoting quality health care.

Our vision — We believe that all Washington residents will achieve optimal health when we work to ensure that all commu­ni­ties have access to safe, quality health care, public health, and environ­mental justice.

Health access

Ensure equitable access to health services so that all people can attain their highest level of health and receive the right care by the appro­priate provider, in the right place, at an afford­able cost.

Safe staffing

Achieve safe nurse staffing in all settings to ensure health and optimize quality of care.

Nursing practice and patient safety

Empower nurses to advocate, educate, promote, and protect the practice of nursing to colleagues, managers, and the broader commu­nity in order to practice to the full extent of their training, experi­ence and educa­tion in deliv­ering optimal care.

Quality and safety

Promote the adoption of effective behav­iors and practices that will positively impact the safety of regis­tered nurses and patients and lead to improved quality outcomes for all residents of Washington.

Membership growth and engagement

Remain the leading voice and advocate for the more than 100,000 diverse regis­tered nurses who live and work in Washington state through continued member­ship growth and active member engagement.

Occupational and environmental health

Promote healthy and safe environ­ments for nurses where they work and where they live, and environ­mental justice for all the commu­ni­ties nurses serve.

Association vitality

Strengthen WSNA’s opera­tion, program­matic infra­struc­ture and economic stability to ensure continued success by a diverse leader­ship and staff in advancing associ­a­tion priorities.